“7 Waves” (Painting)

“7 Waves” is another 24″ x 48″ acrylic canvas painting. Since I recently sold “Two Waves” I needed to fill the empty spot on my wall. Since I loved “Two Waves” so much I decided to do something similar but a little different. I put about 24 working hours into this painting over the span of four days. “7 Waves” is currently for sale. Email aaron@lemonhi.com to inquire.





“Two Waves” (Painting)

Two Waves is an acrylic on canvas painting, all hand painted by myself. The canvas stretches 24″ tall by 48″ wide. This painting features shading you’d see in a lot of my graphic work, and I’m trying to paint as if I’m making a vector image. It’s kind of funny for me to paint a canvas that’s 2-feet by 4-feet because my hand drawn stickers are usually on 2″ x 4″ stickers so it’s like making a huge sticker.

So a little history behind waves and my art; I’ve been drawing, sketching, and painting waves since I started surfing in my hometown of Hilo, Hawaii since around 2003. In the past decade I’ve been perfecting my personal take on the wave. Growing up in Hawaii really influenced my art and the way I see beauty, but living in San Francisco for the past 5-years really taught me how to translate the beauty into something special. I look at this pieces as a moment in your mind that was able to be captured and put on a canvas. I’ve done a lot with these waves in the past few months, from scarfs to skateboards and t-shirts. I have plans of doing some wave murals, and other clothing items that have some waves on it. Everything wavy. Enjoy!